"Mystic Hays"

A 3 piece power trio with a 4 or 5 piece sound.

Arranged by Mystic Hays in the beginning of 1995, "TOCSIN" has performed
in clubs and pubs throughout the Inland Empire of Southern California.

Guitar Magician "Mystic Hays" has put together a CD of his best
work that can only be classified as "TOCSIN" music.

 Mystic Hays does a solo performance "Live",
on stage at the Mansion in Idyllwild, California

The Band

"Mystic" Hays - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Tony "Sir Anthony" Garcia - Drums /Vocals

Jerry "Mr.J.C" Cox - Bass

The CD

Alarmed By: consists of 9 tracks.

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on MySpace.com

1. Attitude Adjustment*

2. Little Girl*

3. I Remember*

4. What's Goin On*

5. Little Love*

6. See The Trees*

7. You Know*

8. Eyes Of Green*

9. Following You*

Watch Mystic Hays "LIVE" at the Lake House

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*Following You 2005

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